482 Visa Successful Case — Approved within 2 Hours

Visa Type
TSS/Employer Sponsored Visa (Subclass 482)

Decision Date
14 Nov 2023

Case Summary

The sponsoring company is a butcher shop that needs to sponsor one of their skilled butchers. Due to the busy schedule of the employer, it took us a considerable amount of time to gather the necessary documents from the employer. Considering the risks associated with incomplete documentation, we continuously emphasized the importance of providing all required materials to the sponsor. Once we received all the documents, we meticulously analyzed the company’s financial statements and organizational structure.

We observed a slight decline in the overall business performance during the pandemic, but fortunately, the company actively adjusted its business strategies, quickly boosting its revenue, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. Along with the application, we submitted a comprehensive explanatory letter (legal submission) outlining why we believed the nominated position was genuine and essential. We delved into the company’s operations, analyzed the current employment situation of the nominated occupation in Australia, highlighted labor shortages, and supported our arguments with extensive research reports. The nomination application was approved in less than 2 hours.