188A Visa Successful Case – Navigating Success for a Non-Profit Applicant with NSW Investment Immigration

Visa Type
Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188A)
NSW Investment Immigration

Decision Date
16 Feb 2023

Case Summary
The applicant initially applied for the 188A visa before 2020 (not submitted by our company) and faced rejection. Upon taking over the case, our company analyzed the overall financial situation of the applicant’s enterprises. We then re-submitted the application for NSW Investment Immigration State Nomination and the 188A visa. The applicant’s enterprise is a non-profit organization, a type not typically accepted by immigration authorities. Despite the initial reluctance, our firm actively explained, provided detailed documentation, and consistently followed up on the application. Eventually, the 188A visa was approved just before the main applicant’s child turned 23 years old.