Partner Visa Successful Case 04 Subclass 309 Offshore

Typical and Atypical Cases for Partner Visa

At the end of last year, the immigration department announced an increase in the partner visa quota. In HECT Australia’s hands, cases have been continuously approved.
Today’s shared case is considered a typical client, and we can look together to see if you also have these questions:
  • My friend said we should wait longer before submitting the partner visa;

  • We never had a joint account; does that mean we don’t meet the application criteria;

  • Submitting offshore is definitely much slower than onshore;

  • Do we have to buy a house together;

  • … …

The reason for calling it atypical is that this case is the fastest approval among all the partner visas we have seen

  • 309 Offshore Partner Visa, approved in 3 months.

For customers with the aforementioned concerns, we can answer them with sufficient, genuine, and successful case examples.When it comes to partner visas, the most important aspect is not the timing of your marriage (we have clients who married quickly, knowing each other for only a month, and immediately applied for a partner visa after marriage). It’s also not a requirement to have a joint account (not having a joint account doesn’t mean you’re not spouses/partners), and it certainly doesn’t lead to rejection if you haven’t purchased a house together (many people rent for their entire lives). Regarding the processing time for offshore 309 and onshore 820 visas, the speed is similar.In partner visa applications, the most crucial factor is the marital/partner relationship between the two individuals.Customer situation:

The applicant is outside Australia and has never entered Australia;

The sponsor’s visa situation is complex, initially unwilling to cooperate in providing documents;

Both parties are in their second marriage;

The marriage duration is relatively short.

The applicant, initially skeptical about receiving a visa within 6 months after submission, had friends who applied themselves and waited for over 2 years, with some even facing rejections.After taking on the case, we patiently communicated with the applicant and sponsor, explaining the importance of the required documents. Indeed, some documents, when processed in the home country, can be cumbersome and time-consuming. In this regard, due to our extensive successful cases at HECT Australia H&J Immigration, we are well-versed in the processing procedures, timelines, and critical points for various documents in different provinces and cities in China. Once the applicant and sponsor prepared the necessary documents, we promptly submitted the application. The visa was approved in 3 months.The 100 visa was approved on 13 December, 2023.