Partner Visa Successful Case 08 Subclass 309/100

Visa Type
309/100 Partner Visa
Transition from Black List to Approval

Decision Date
04 May 2022

Case Characteristics
The applicant’s visa has been expired for many years, and they have previously applied for a refugee visa, faced rejection for an onshore partner visa, and experienced an unsuccessful AAT appeal. After taking over the case following the AAT rejection, we reorganized the documents and recommended applying offshore. The applicant successfully obtained a Permanent Residency (Subclass 100) without further complications.

Case Summary
The applicant’s visa in Australia had expired for several years. They met their partner, who would later become the sponsor for the partner visa, in 2013. They got married in 2016. Around 2017, they were deceived into applying for a refugee visa. In 2018, they submitted an onshore partner visa application without being informed by the agent that they would be required to provide a Schedule 3 explanation. The application was rejected due to not meeting the Schedule 3 requirements. The agent advised them to appeal to the AAT, but the appeal was also unsuccessful. Believing that they couldn’t meet the Schedule 3 requirements, the agent suggested appealing to the Minister for Immigration. We assessed the situation and deemed it impractical. After explaining the issues in the entire process, the client decided to submit an offshore partner visa application. When we took over the case, many documents were missing, and the application data was disorganized. After comprehensive organization, the application was submitted in July 2021. The immigration office conducted an electronic interview in November 2021, and the final documents were provided in January 2022. The Subclass 309 and 100 visas were granted simultaneously in May 2022.