Partner Visa Case Study 13 Subclass 309+100 Offshore Malaysian Passport

Visa Type
309/100 Offshore Spouse Visa
The transformation from unlawful to lawful status

Decision Date
30 Mar 2023

Case Summary
Applicant held a Malaysian passport and was in Australia as an unlawful resident for 4 years. Before leaving Australia, the applicant had engaged a previous immigration lawyer, and paid the fees, but lost contact with the lawyer after departure. Upon approaching us, the applicant had not prepared any documents. Due to residing with the spouse’s family, there were limited proofs of a shared residence and insufficient evidence of financial ties. Upon taking over the case, we redesigned the documentation strategy based on the applicant and spouse’s situation. The applicant and spouse cooperated extensively, providing comprehensive materials. The immigration office approved the application in less than 3 weeks after a telephone inquiry.