RRV Case Study 07 Subclass 155

Visa Type
155/RRV Resident Return Visa

Decision Date
09 Sep 2020

Case Characteristics
1. Application from overseas;
2. The applicant, after obtaining PR, has not accumulated a residence of at least one month within a period of 5 years.

Case Summary
Mr. J and his family migrated to Australia through skilled migration facilitated by our company in 2015. However, due to work commitments in their home country, they were unable to come to Australia as planned. Over the subsequent years, the entire family would visit Australia for periods ranging from 5 to 10 days each year. In total, over the course of 5 years, they did not accumulate a residence of at least one month.

Originally, the plan was to renew their visas in Australia this year. However, due to the pandemic, they were unable to enter Australia as scheduled. Consequently, they had to submit a 155/RRV visa application from overseas. Typically, such visas have a longer processing time when submitted from overseas, usually around 1 year. Considering the client’s specific circumstances, our company prepared extremely comprehensive application materials. The application was submitted at the end of June, and in less than 3 months, on September 9th, the visa was successfully granted.