Skilled Nominated Visa Successful Case 01 Subclass 190 Successfully Approved

Visa Type
Skilled Nominated (190) Visa

Decision Date
19 Apr 2023

Case Summary

Miss YANG was introduced to us through a friend during the COVID-19 pandemic in November 2019, just when immigration policies had been adjusted. Despite suggestions for her to pursue an assessment based on her accounting background, our in-depth communication revealed that she had been working in marketing-related roles for over a year by the end of 2020. We encouraged her to undergo a skills assessment in marketing and advised her to achieve higher scores in English proficiency exams, laying the foundation for her future nomination for the New South Wales (NSW) State Sponsorship 190 visa.

While the pandemic led to multiple changes and even suspensions of state sponsorship invitations, we closely monitored policy updates and sought opportunities. With her visa set to expire at the end of 2022, we recommended a low-cost and full-time employment transitional option – the 408 visa. Based on her stable employment in NSW and over two years of relevant work experience, we analyzed that discussing employer sponsorship with her employer could be an option if no invitation was received by the end of 2022. We emphasized her maximum 20-point English proficiency score, the potential 10-point work experience addition, and her success in the CCL exam. Considering the impending increase in employer sponsorship quotas and policy changes, we believed that once NSW reopened for applications, her chances of receiving an invitation were high, and her employer was willing to provide sponsorship. Therefore, she could stay proactive and wait for the right opportunity.

Subsequently, we assisted Miss YANG in applying for the 408 COVID visa and explored the possibility of employer sponsorship with her employer. Simultaneously, we closely monitored NSW state sponsorship updates. Finally, in October 2022, Miss YANG received an invitation from the NSW government for state sponsorship under the 190 category with a competitive score of 90 points plus the 5-point advantage of state sponsorship. We promptly submitted the state sponsorship application, and within two weeks, she received the sponsorship invitation. After over three months of visa processing, she successfully obtained the NSW 190 Skilled Nominated visa.

Miss YANG’s success was inevitable and achieved through our unwavering dedication to each applicant. This inevitability arises from our thorough understanding of immigration policies, laws, and the unique circumstances of applicants. By formulating the best immigration strategy based on policies, laws, and the applicant’s unique situation, we help applicants grasp the essence of immigration policies, ensuring they stay on the right path and achieve their goals in the complex immigration landscape. We provide tailored and timely advice and guidance, allowing applicants to navigate risks effectively and seize the best immigration opportunities.

1. December 2020: Successful Skills Assessment
2. End of September 2022: Received an invitation from the New South Wales (NSW) government, submitted 190 NSW State Sponsorship       application
3. November 2022: NSW 190 State Sponsorship nomination approved
4. December 2022: Lodged 190 visa application
5. April 2023: Granted 190 visa – Pre-approval letter/acknowledgment letter