Skilled Nominated Visa Successful Case 14 Aquaculture technician farmer 491 State Nomination Temporary Visa and QLD 491 State Nomination

Visa Type
491 State Nomination Temporary Visa/QLD 491 State Nomination

Decision Date
04 Aug 2021

Case Characteristics
The applicant had a previous unsuccessful attempt at self-applying for a skills assessment. Requires a 408 visa extension but is not in a Critical Sector. EOI with 70 points. Granted 491 visa in less than 3 months.

Case Summary
Mr. L had previously attempted a self-application for a skills assessment (Aquaculture Technician Farmer) before we took over the case, causing significant difficulties for subsequent work. We assisted him in repreparing the materials and obtained a positive skills assessment. As his visa was nearing expiration, we arranged a transitional visa (408) to buy time for the skills assessment and state sponsorship. At the time of application, the EOI score was relatively low (70 received a pre-invite, and during the state sponsorship approval process, an additional 5 points were gained for work experience). His occupation did not fully meet the critical sector requirements of the state sponsorship. We prepared compelling explanatory documents for the state government, and he successfully obtained state sponsorship. The visa application was meticulously prepared, and the 491 visa was granted in less than three months.