Skilled Nominated Visa Successful Case 20 NSW Subclass 190 Nurse

Visa Type
Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

Decision Date
19 Jul 2022

Case Summary
The applicant’s journey began with high school, which was arranged for her by us from overseas. Born in 1997, this hardworking individual has persevered throughout. With an average English score of 6.5 in the college entrance examination, we advised her on an alternative path, suggesting enrollment in the Diploma of Enrolled Nursing, where her language scores were sufficient. Following our advice, she completed the diploma and proceeded to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Before graduating, she began planning her immigration journey with us. Following the timeline we provided, she not only secured a job but also achieved an impressive PTE English score of 89 during her 485 visa period. She received an invitation from the New South Wales (NSW) state government before the expiration of her 485 visa and successfully obtained the 190 PR visa four months after submitting the application.