Student Visa Case Study 01 Subclass 500

Visa Type
Student visa (subclass 500)

Decision Date
15 Nov 2023

Case Summary

Applicant Xiao D completed his undergraduate studies in China and then pursued a master’s degree in banking and finance in Australia. After completing his master’s program, he expressed a desire to switch to a vocational course in cooking.

However, the recent policy adjustments by the immigration department regarding student visas created uncertainty, especially with a high rejection rate for onshore vocational study visas. Feeling lost in the midst of these challenges, Xiao D sought our assistance in mid-June.

We engaged in a thorough discussion about his current situation. Despite completing a master’s degree, his strong interest in cooking emerged during his studies in Australia, leading him to consider a new career direction. This decision came with certain visa risks, but we respected his choice, and our focus shifted to devising a plan that would address the potential risks in the application.

In formulating the plan, we took into account Xiao D’s individual circumstances and worked to ensure the smooth realization of his study plans. We assisted him in preparing comprehensive visa documents, providing detailed explanations of his career plans.

At the end of August, our lawyer submitted his visa application on behalf of Xiao D. After an anxious two-month wait, the good news finally arrived in mid-November – the applicant’s visa was approved. His journey of studying abroad officially commenced.

This successful case highlights the professionalism of our legal team and their meticulous consideration of each applicant’s unique situation. Recognizing the expectations and dreams of the applicants, we approached their cases with a highly responsible attitude, offering practical advice and solutions.

In the face of a high visa rejection rate, we demonstrated through concrete actions that our legal team possesses profound professional knowledge, a deep understanding of immigration regulations, and keen insight into each applicant’s individual circumstances. We remain committed to providing the highest quality service to every client, helping them achieve their dreams of studying in Australia.