Student Visa Successful Case 08 How to Quickly Obtain a 500 Student Visa from a High-risk Region Overseas

Recently, HECT Australia H&D Immigration has achieved numerous successful cases for the 500 student visa. Today, we will share one of the more typical cases. The following text will also provide insights into how to apply for a 500 student visa from overseas. Please read patiently.

Case Characteristics

  1. The applicant is from a high-risk region;

  2. Renewing the visa from overseas is more challenging than applying within Australia;
  3. The applicant has held a student visa for many years but has not obtained a qualification in Australia for an extended period.


Case Summary

The applicant is a single mother in her 90s with a 4-year-old child. She is from a “high-risk” region in her home country, making visa approval challenging. She holds a bachelor’s degree from her home country. She arrived in Australia around 14 years ago and has been pursuing VET courses, only obtaining an Australian Diploma this year.

Earlier this year, the client left Australia and faced challenges returning, necessitating a new application for a student visa from overseas. With the professional assessment and guidance from our HECT immigration consultants, we successfully assisted the client in applying for a 500 visa renewal from overseas, and we secured a waiver for the visa renewal fees. The visa was processed in approximately 20 days, and both the client and her child obtained the visa successfully.

From the case overview, you can see that we not only successfully helped the client apply for a student visa from overseas but also managed to exempt her from the overseas visa renewal fees. We believe that many students are still unable to return to Australia due to the pandemic, and their student visas are approaching expiration. So, how can you successfully obtain a 500 student visa from overseas? Who is eligible for free 500 student visa renewal, and what are the requirements? Teacher H is here to tell you.

People eligible for free visa renewal include

As of February 1, 2020::

1. 500 visa holders whose studies have been impacted by the pandemic;

2. Family members (dependents) of 500 visa holders whose studies have been affected by the pandemic;

3. Applicants whose visas were canceled due to “health risks.”

Other situations where visa fees are waived include defense students, exchange students, and their dependents, dependents of research students, and applicants for 500 visas and their dependents who were unable to commence or complete their courses on time due to issues on the part of the education provider, as well as 590 visa applicants.

For specific details, feel free to consult with our HECT consultant (WeChat ID: HECTAUS).

Requirements for applying for a fee-free extension of the student visa

1. Students affected by the pandemic applying for a fee-free extension must meet the following criteria:

(a) Be the primary applicant of the 500 visa;

(b) Have held the 500 visa on or after February 1, 2020;

(c) Be unable to complete studies within the visa validity period due to pandemic-related reasons.

2. Family members currently or recently affected by the pandemic must meet the following criteria:

(a) Be a family member of the primary applicant who is applying for a 500 student visa;

(b) Apply together with the primary applicant;

(c) The primary applicant held a 500 student visa on or after February 1, 2020;

(d) Due to pandemic-related reasons, the primary applicant cannot complete the corresponding course within the visa validity period.

Applying for a Free Visa Extension

Applicants are required to apply for a student visa online and, when submitting the application, must attach Form 1545 (refer to the image below). Whether applying from within or outside the country, once the application is approved, the visa extension fees will be waived.

For students who need to apply for a student visa, whether within the country or abroad,

please contact HECT immigration consultants,

we’ll help you secure a quick visa approval!