Student Visa Successful Case 07 Subclass 500

Visa Type
Student Visa Subclass 500

Decision Date
22 Sep 2020

Case Characteristics
1. The applicant is from a high-risk region;
2. Overseas visa renewal is inherently more stringent than domestic renewal;
3. The student has held a student visa for many years but has not obtained any academic qualifications.

Case Summary
The applicant is from a high-risk region, a single mother born in the 1990s, with a 4-year-old son and a domestic undergraduate degree. She arrived in Australia around 2014 and pursued VET courses, obtaining only a diploma by this year. Due to the pandemic, she left the country early in the year and faced challenges returning. We assisted her in applying for a deferment and successfully obtained a fee waiver for her overseas visa renewal. The application process took approximately 21 days, and both she and her spouse received the visa.