About HECT

Company Profile

HECT Pty Ltd Australia, was established in 2013 with its headquarters located in Sydney Australia. HECT Pty Ltd Australia (HECT) is committed to constructing a “one-stop-all-round” service platform covering aspects such as Australian Education, Immigration, Cultural Exchanges and Business Investments etc. Since the establishment of the company, the company’s team has grown and talented. Currently, the team consists of many experienced education consultants, registered immigration agents, business investment consultants, Australian CPAs, Legal elites and more.

HECT can tailor the following services to customers according to their different backgrounds and needs:

  • Australia study abroad planning and college application;
  • Australia immigration of all types;
  • Career planning in Australia
  • Australia-China cultural and artistic exchanges
  • High-end overseas training for Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs
  • Australian Business Investment Advisory
  • Oriented Personnel training in Australia and China
  • Australia and China two way hunting services

And undertake various types of visas in Australia:

  • student visa;
  • Graduate work visa;
  • Independent skilled immigrants (including state government guarantees);
  • spouse immigrant visa;
  • Parental immigration (queuing/paying);
  • Business investment immigration;
  • Tourist VISA;
  • Business visit visa;
  • permanent residence renewal;
  • citizenship application;
  • AAT appeal (refusal appeal);
  • Immigration Minister Appeal


Until today, each year HECT Australia successfully handles nearly 2000 visas including student visas, independent skilled immigrant visas, employer sponsored Visas, family reunification visas and business investment visas.

According to the Australian Immigration Department, HECT Australia’s visa pass rate is far ahead of others in the list of Australian Immigration Registration Corporation.

In addition, HECT Australia has the industry’s top-level ability in handling and resolving difficult cases and AAT appeals (refusal appeals).

HECT will always maintain a thoughtful and professional service to open up new horizons for you in Australia.


HECT immigration group currently owns:

Australia Region:

HECT Migration & Education
Provides professional services such as academic guidance, transfer to schools, independent skilled immigrants, employer-sponsored immigrants, family reunion immigrants, investment immigration and other services for clients in Australia.

China Region:

Shanghai Wisemars Education & Migration Co., LTD.

Provides professional services such as study tour, study abroad, academic exchanges between China and foreign countries, high-end entrepreneurship training, independent skilled immigrants, employer sponsored immigrants, family reunion immigrants, investment immigration and other services.

Major cooperative enterprise:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Citi Australia




Company culture:

Company vision:

Become a messenger between the communication of Australia and China

Company mission:

Let dream become reality

Core value:

Achieving potential of customers – customer success is our successRealizing self – the success of employees is the success of the company


Team profile

Alex YU

Managing director


Jasmine RAO

Managing Director

Australian Justice of Peace

Australian Registered Migration Agent

Australian Registered Education Consultant

Australian National University Master of Immigration Law

Australian Macquarie University Master of Translation

Australia NAATI Certified Translator


Sophie SUN

Senior Case Coordinator

University of New South Wales, Australia, Master of Translation,

Australian NAATI certified translator


Claire YANG

Senior Case Coordinator

Australian Macquarie University, Bachelor of Accounting

Australian NAATI certified translator


Amber ZHAO

Senior Case Coordinator

University of Adelaide Australia, Bachelor degree

Australian NAATI certified translator


Carolyn JIANG

Senior Case Coordinator

University of New South Wales, Australia, Master degree

Australian NAATI certified translator