188 Visa Successful Case – Interested in Investment Immigration But Not Planning to Start A Business?

In the current fiscal year, the investment immigration quota is a total of 13,500, nearly doubling from the previous fiscal year. The increase in quotas implies a significant improvement in the processing speed and approval rate of visas. Business talents can help Australia recover its economy and boost employment, meeting the urgent demand of the Australian government. Now is the golden period to apply for Australian investment immigration, and everyone should seize this opportunity. In this article, H will share a successful case of the 188B Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa, demonstrating how individuals without a business background can pursue investment immigration.


Client Profile:

Name: Ms. L

Age: 40+

English Proficiency: None

Education: Associate Degree

Business Background: Several years of successful experience in real estate and stock investments

Nominated State: New South Wales (NSW)


Client Background:

Ms. L is a highly successful investor with over 10 years of business experience managing a company in her home country. However, the business has faced challenges in recent years. After thorough investigation and assessment, we identified that the current state of Ms. L’s company would not be conducive to applying for the 188A Investor Visa.

Following a comprehensive evaluation, considering Ms. L’s provided personal asset information, we recommended that she apply for the 188B Investor Visa as a pure real estate investor, taking into account her real estate and stock investments.


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Challenges in the Case:

The visa officer raised concerns about the source of the client’s investment funds. We referenced relevant provisions of immigration law and provided a detailed explanation of the client’s fund sources, supported by ample documentation and legal references. Through reasoned arguments, we successfully convinced the visa officer.

Application Process:

May 2018: Submitted the 188B application.

May 2019: Allocated to a visa officer; client requested an extension from the immigration authority.

July 2019: Lady L needed to legitimately transfer 1.5 million AUD to purchase Australian government bonds and provided details on the fund source.

September 2019: Immigration authorities requested clarification on the fund source.

September to October 2019: Our team communicated multiple times with immigration authorities to explain the legitimacy of the client’s fund source.

October 2019: Visa granted.

Attention! The processing time for this case is 17 months, significantly faster than similar visa applications submitted during the same period. The immigration authority’s reference processing time is 24 months or more.


Factor of success:

1.We have meticulously planned the case from the beginning, anticipating the questions that immigration officials may raise in advance.

2.The lead lawyer’s in-depth analysis of immigration law enables the flexible application of insights to real-life case scenarios.


The 188B Business Innovation and Investment visa is primarily designed for professionals engaged in various investment activities such as stocks, real estate, funds, futures, etc. This visa does not have English language requirements and does not mandate applicants to own a business. However, applicants are required to possess a certain level of investment experience and expertise, along with deriving a reasonable income from these investments. For more details about Australian investment immigration visas, you can refer to: “So Many Investment Immigration Visas, There’s Always One Suitable for You!”