Partner Visa Successful Case 06 Subclass 820 Onshore

Visa Type
Explanation of Schedule 3, 820/801 Partner Visa

Decision Date
06 Jan 2021

Case Characteristics
The client is overstaying (onshore illegal status);
Taking over the case midway;
Need to explain Schedule 3;
Onshore partner visa application submitted for an onshore illegal status individual.

Case Summary

Mr. M applied when his visa had already expired. Initially, he sought assistance from another migration agent to submit the visa application. However, after waiting three years, he realized that the agent only assisted in the initial submission and did not actively follow up on the application progress with the immigration office. Additionally, there was a lack of comprehensive support in supplementing documents, and many files were incomplete. Since 2016, spouse visa applications no longer require paper submissions, but the agent for Mr. M’s case was unaware of this. The decision to submit through paper increased the difficulty of our follow-up, and supplementary materials had to be sent to the immigration officer via email. It was also unclear which documents the previous migration agent had submitted.

Fortunately, Mr. M is an organized individual and retained almost all previously submitted documents, promptly providing them to us for review and supplementation. After taking over Mr. M’s application, our team excelled in closely monitoring the progress of document supplementation. We quickly identified the previously unsubmitted but necessary documents and submitted them to the immigration officer for review. Throughout the later stages of the application, we actively followed up with the immigration office. The comprehensive and compelling explanation for Schedule 3 ensured that Mr. M did not need to leave the country and successfully obtained the onshore spouse visa.