Skilled Nominated Visa Successful Case 47 Subclass 189 Offshore Engineer

Visa Type
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

Decision Date
31 Mar 2023

Case Summary
A 40+ applicant, a senior engineer, and chief engineer. Initially scored 6 in IELTS, feeling uncertain about achieving 7. After the first consultation, we informed her about all possible immigration options. Despite her busy work schedule, she diligently followed the plan we set during our 3-month collaboration. With no prior study or work experience abroad, she achieved IELTS scores of 4 sevens. Ultimately, we gained the client’s trust, starting from the contract signing in August 2020 to receiving the invitation in October 2022 and finally obtaining approval in March 2023. Despite the prolonged overseas invitation pause during the pandemic, the client secured the 189 visa as soon as it reopened.