Skilled Nominated Visa Case Stusdy 04 Subclass 489/491

Visa Type
Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 489)
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 491)

Decision Date:21 Nov 2019
Case Characteristics
Bachelor’s degree in nursing in the home country, no Australian nursing education or experience, successfully obtained the 489 visa.

Case Summary

Submitted the application and got the 489 visa approved within 3 months. Ms. K celebrated her 40th birthday just 2 days ago, and we received her visa grant letter without any additional document requests. This turned out to be the best birthday gift we could give her. She decided to apply for the 489 New South Wales (NSW) nomination, heeding our advice, and managed to submit the application five months before turning 40.

From a pool of 300 candidates, the state government selected her and issued the invitation letter. Ms. K had no local Australian undergraduate nursing experience. Previously, she graduated with a nursing degree in her home country and worked as a registered nurse in a top-tier hospital in a major city. After several communications, she resolutely gave up her comfortable work environment in her home country, arriving alone in Australia. She dedicated one year to intensive full-time study, successfully passing the OET with four Bs and obtaining NAATI accreditation.

Due to the lack of local Australian work experience, we leveraged her extensive overseas work experience to secure the maximum 15 points for work experience. In the end, with a total score of 80 points, she successfully obtained the state government nomination.