Partner Visa Successful Case 15 Subclass 309 Offshore Subjected to Domestic Violence within the Marriage

Visa Type
309 Offshore Partner Visa

Decision Date
16 May 2023

Case Summary

The applicant arrived in Australia with her husband and child. After experiencing domestic violence and abuse from her ex-husband, she divorced and remained in Australia with her child. (In Australia, under the condition of holding a valid visa and having no visa terms restrictions, if another valid visa is submitted, the immigration department will automatically grant a bridging visa to the applicant.) The investment migration visa was rejected. We assisted the applicant in appealing the refusal.

Despite lacking a local education background and a long-term residency visa in Australia, the applicant demonstrated strong capabilities and secured an excellent job. Several years later, the applicant met her current husband at work, who treated her and her child well. Eventually, she obtained a spouse visa, emphasizing that it was a genuine relationship, not a business marriage.

Case Characteristics
Investment migration rejected;
Divorced from husband in Australia;
A single mother with child;

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