Student Visa Successful Case 02 Subclass 500 + CoE

Student Visa Case Study 
Multiple retakes + Expired visa + School refusal to extend CoE + Overstaying
Difficulty Level ★★★★★
L is an undergraduate student who has faced challenges due to multiple course retakes, an expired visa, and issues with obtaining a CoE extension from the school. As email communication is not widely used in China, L missed important notifications from the school about the visa expiration. Despite the school’s attempt to extend the CoE, an outdated CoE was issued, leading to visa approval not covering the entire course duration.

In the second visa application, L sought assistance from an unreliable agent, resulting in a late submission and overstaying the visa. The immigration authority issued a notice to depart, adding pressure as the departure date coincided with exams.

L approached HECT for help, providing a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Through effective communication with the school’s Academic Manager, HECT secured an opportunity for L to take exams overseas before departure, avoiding any visa violations.

However, the school, citing past academic performance, initially refused to extend the CoE after receiving exam results. HECT engaged in multiple conversations, explaining the academic challenges and presenting a detailed study plan. Eventually, the CoE was issued promptly.

Upon receiving the CoE, HECT promptly submitted a new visa application, preparing detailed explanations for L’s academic record, visa history, and addressing any outstanding issues. The visa was approved within a week.

Congratulations to L for obtaining the student visa, and thanks for the trust and support. HECT reminds everyone to check visa expiration dates carefully and start preparing for renewal at least three months in advance. If you have visa concerns, don’t hesitate to consult HECT’s teachers for assistance in achieving your academic and career dreams in Australia.

Visa Expired?

Recently, many students have been asking about what to do if their visa has expired and they haven’t completed their courses. Questions like, “Have I become illegal?” or “Will I be deported? Can I apply for a visa in the future?”

For students who didn’t have the chance to submit a visa application before their visa expiry date, pay attention! There’s a 28-day grace period that the immigration department provides for student visa holders.

This 28-day grace period allows student visa holders to submit a student visa application within 28 days after the visa expiry date. It’s designed for those who might have been negligent or didn’t have time to prepare complete documents.

Here are some important points to note:

Q1: Does that mean I can apply every time my student visa expires?

The 28-day Grace Period is a one-time opportunity in a lifetime. Once used during a renewal, if your visa expires again during the next renewal, please contact us promptly.

Q2: Does this grace period apply to other visa applications?

The 28-day Grace Period is specific to student visa holders applying for a student visa. If you hold a tourist 600 visa, employer-sponsored 457 visa, graduate work 485 visa, or if you are transitioning from a student visa to a tourist, 485, or another type of visa, there is no Grace Period.

If you find your visa has expired but you are still within the 28-day period, contact HECT immediately. We will assist you in submitting a student visa application with professional service, optimal solutions, and expedited processing.

If you have already used the 28-day Grace Period once and your visa has expired again, contact HECT promptly. Our professional advisory team will make the utmost effort to provide a legal and reasonable explanation to the immigration department.

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